Monday, September 12, 2011


OK LET ME VENT. I am (somehow) a member of www elleandblair com.

I am well aware JUICYSTAR07 LIES about her youtube videos being 'unsponsored' (NORDSTROM SAID FLAT OUT ON THEIR FB THAT SHE WAS PAID AND RECRUITED ALONG WITH HER SISTER, AND GOT A 500$ GIFTCARD AS WELL.) she used that giftcard to buy her hideous dres, and stated is in the ftc disclaimer. The REASON elle and blair didnt have to say nordstrom was paying them is because it was 3d party, otside of youtube and co-opted their terms, so SNEAKY SNEAKY got away with it. She did this for polyvore too!! 

ANYWAYS they are now doing FREAKING SPONSORED BLOG POSTS. I posted a comment on one of the posts that was sponsored saying "Eww! That's ugly! Definately not something I would wear unless it's Halloween!" MUNITES LATER I GET THIS IN MY INBOX:

Hello BLANKNME, Glad you are aboard and posting away in the Forum. While we welcome criticism, we assure Elle and Blair personally approves every sponsor. Your comment has been removed as it was against the Sponsored Post - Forum Behavior Policy and its adherence to positivity. These types of posts are vital to keeping the Community up and running (and free), which is why it is so important for all users to treat our sponsors with respect. Thank You,
-Site Admin

IS THIS A JOKE?!!?!??!?!?!?!? HOW FREAKING BIASED AND UNPROFESSIONAL CAN YOU GET?!?!? This seriously urks me,a nd I have seen SO MANY OTHER NEGATIVE COMMENTS now being taken down! Elle and balir are money hungry, and I'm angry. ISNT THIS A VIOLATION TO MY AMENDMENTS? Or does the government sponsor elle and balir too?

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  1. But listen they are getting more famous and come on think if someone paid you a lot of money to talk about them in a video you would be stupid if you said no