Saturday, November 5, 2011


High-profile haulers

The duo was recently profiled on "Good Morning America" and are represented by mml Inc., a public relations firm whose clients include Maybelline New York, Garnier, and L'Oreal Professionnel.
Juicystar07's YouTube channel boasts nearly 200 videos (including her own Taylor Swift hair tutorial) in which the amateur beauty expert broadcasts from her outpost in a pink-painted bedroom for up to 20 minutes. Since the channel's creation in 2008, it has received 23 million views.
"I've e-mailed her so many times. I've sent e-mails to multiple e-mail accounts, private messages on her YouTube channel - she just never responds," Joey Mack laments.
But in an interview with these queens of the haul blogosphere, the Fowler sisters revealed that they have seen the Boys' videos, and like them.
"We think they're really funny," Elle says. "I think parodies of anything are really funny. I think it's a subject that's very easily spoofed because it's kind of a goofy subject to begin with."
The girls even went so far as to say that if the HaulBlog Boys were to send them a friend request on YouTube, they'd accept.

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